Week 25 – Mahalo!

The Master Key Master Mind Experience

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It is…..

A Journey of Self Discovery.

An Exercise in Knowing who’s really doing the talking inside your head.

An Opportunity to get up close an personal with all that keeps You from Being YOU.

An Invitation to a Life that is True.

The Practice of Thinking for One’s Self.

Being Clear.

Exercising Your Will to Direct and Concentrate Your Thoughts on What You Desire!

Permission to Have Desires!

An Immersion in the World Within.

The Sit.


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An Open Invitation to Meet God.

The Recognition of Who You Are.

The Workshop of Spirit.

Understanding Creation.

Accessing the Source of All that Is.

Realizing We Are It.

The Master Key.

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Truth and Principles.







Recognition of Our God Given Gifts and the Joy of Giving.






I Love Myself.

I know I am here with a Purpose.

I know I am Nature’s Greatest Miracle.

I know I am Powerful.

I know I have Gifts to Share.

I give my Gifts Freely.

I know the Greatest Spiritual Act is to Think.

I live from the Silence.

I Serve the Greater Good.

I know Universal Mind Lives through Me.

I Am Grateful.

I Am Honored.

I Am Humbled.


I am Born Again.

To Mark, Davene, Trish, Derek, Jason and all the Guides, you are God embodied and serve the Greater Good. The ripple of your listening, the truth of your knowing and your courage to say YES to the Call of the Herald is Transforming the

Minds and Hearts of Multitudes around the World.

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If you feel the gnawing knowing that there is more to you and to your living, and you are ready for your life to change, clicking below is the first step.

The Master Key MasterMind Alliance

Week 24 – Rubber Meets the Road. I Know that I Know.

I Know that I Know.

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I Am a Powerful Being!

My Gifts are Unique to ME.

I Am Here for a Purpose.

I Am Nature’s Greatest Miracle.

I Am Powerful.

My Thoughts Create My Reality. I have the Power to Choose my Thoughts, focus my Attention and Concentrate on the Reality I Desire, in Harmony with Universal Mind and Serving the Greatest Good.

I Am Changing, Growing, Learning and Choosing Anew in Each Moment.

I Apply What I Know and Share the Gifts That are Unique to Me.

I am in Service to the Greatest Good.

I Live Fully. I Love Passionately.

I Am Me in All my Glory.

I Am Responsible for My Life.

I Am Nature’s Greatest Miracle.

I Am Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Healthy, Harmonious, Loving and Happy.

I Do it Now.

I Can Be What I Will to Be.

I Sit.

I Think.

I Am.

I invite the Infinite to Expand and Live in Me and Express through Me, to Be Light, to Be Love, and Experience All That Is Possible Through My Body, My Being and My Life, in Harmony with the Infinite Formless Creative Power that Is.

I Think Freely. I Think for Myself.

I Live My True Nature.

I Live Life from the Inside Out.

I Am an Observer.

I take Responsibility for my Life – my Physical Health, My Mental Health, My Spiritual Health, My Financial Health, My Purpose in Life, and for All I Am in Each Moment, Right Here, Right Now.

Gratitude Opens the Way and Lights the Road.

When You Can See the Invisible. You Can Do the Impossible.


I am grateful I am alive. I am grateful for knowing what I know, for being who I am, for the Gifts I have to share, for the difference I make.

I am grateful for all my senses, to experience the richness of this life.

I am grateful for the Silence, for knowing I am a part of Nature and here with a Purpose.

I Am Grateful for the Experience of MKMMA.

I Am Grateful for YOU.

You are Natures Greatest Miracle. Let Your Light Shine.

Week 23 – From the Silence, I AM

This week, following the Silence….




Thoughts moving beyond the confines of my cranium and the circuitry of my brain.

Thought, consciously directed, with a growing awareness of What It Is, Who I Am, Why I’m Here and How to Live From and With the Creative Energy that I Am and that Is Me.

The Science of Getting Rich…..Reading it. Listening to it. Pondering it. Digging It!

“Life Changing!”

That which seemed foreign in Week 1, is now a part of my Living and Being.

I Am here now, with Purpose, Alive in my Knowing, Freed up to Live Fully, to Discover and Create my Life, Knowing I am Called, Knowing the Gifts within me are True, Trusting the Creative Energy at work in the Universe on my behalf for My Good and to Increase the

Life in All.

Gratitude. A Clear Mental Image. Purpose. Faith. Action. Persistence.

To Live. To Love. To Be Healthy. To Be Abundant. To Serve.

To Celebrate this Magnificent Life, with Gratitude alive in each and every moment, and acknowledge the Source of All Form and the Power that is Within.

I am in awe of this Journey, continuing and beginning anew in each moment.

I am grateful for the inspiration of those who have gone before me and travel by my side.

I feel humbled and honored for the Gift of new Friendships, with Kindred Souls and the Circle that Lives in Ever Expanding Knowing and moves forth with Grace to

Be the Blessing, right here, right now.

In the Silence, I return.


Week 22 – Silence

Soon approaching…

 Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 8.51.10 PM

Saturday noon to Monday noon, a time of Silence.

Unplugged from the distractions of a cell phone, a computer, the hub and the bub of the daily rhythm.

Lips sealed.

Present to who I Am and Why I’m still here.

Listening for the Call….

In the Silence, in the Stillness.

I welcome Her.

Emerge from the waters, from the depths.

Rise up in Faith, Freedom, Love, Understanding, Presence, and Truth.

And, the Courage to Listen, to Know, to Choose and to Act.

Fearless Living. Purposeful Being. Wild Adventures. Simple Pleasures.

Absolute Awe.



Inspired Action.

Many Questions, a few chosen.

Deep Listening.

There is Purpose in this Silence, that I know.

I will see you on the other side.

Peace be the Journey.

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Week 22 – Emerging Light

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I am writing this blog, just like I’ve been writing each week for the last 21 weeks.

The me I’ve been is fading.

Trapped in a Birthing Body, pressure building, and unable to take a deep breath. Burning pressure behind my breast bone, a lump in my throat that just kept getting bigger.

Unable to sleep at night, overcome by fear and the dark side of my power.

Darkness. Confusion. Withdrawal. Feeling Crazy. Lost. Disoriented. On the Edge.

Steeped in Fear.

Paralyzed by the Thought of my Radiance.

A turning point…..

Acknowledging to myself what I was experiencing.

Acknowledging my feelings rather than resisting, denying, pretending.

Loving myself, through it all.

“I love you Mary Spicer. I acknowledge your pain.”

Over and over and over again.

Earlier this week, curled up in a ball for hours with the softness of the covers over my head, I opened my eyes this time, saw what was in front of me and decided the best I could do in that moment is pick the burgandy lint off the white sheer curtains.

I picked every little piece of burgundy lint off that white curtain and let myself know I did the best job ever, that I was a rock star, a bad ass Super Hero and the best lint picker in the whole entire universe.

That was my turning point. I saw myself, where I was and had a choice. I could keep going down the drain or choose again and choose to be the bad ass Super Hero of My Life. There you have it. Yup, you’re right, I chose the Super Hero Me.

Now when I curl up at night, and pull those soft covers over my shoulders,

I say,

“I am a Super Hero”

over and over again.

 I know I have those virtues within me that I’ve been seeing in others – courage, enthusiasm, kindness, imagination, initiative, decisiveness, and persistence.

I know that I know that I know that Universal Mind is expressing through me and all life.

I Surrender to the Flow of Life.

I use my Super Powers of Thought, Imagination, Visualization, Enthusiasm, Love, Gratitude and Kindness to Be the Super Hero I Am.



Being the Light I AM.

Loving, once again.

Knowing that I know that I know.

Back in the Flow of Living. Stepping into the Unknown. The Seas are Parting.

I see Miracles Everywhere.

I see Me. I see You.

We are Natures Greatest Miracle.

I see it now. I feel it now. I know it now.

We are Nature’s Greatest Miracle.


Right here, right now, and forever.

With Love and Gratitude.

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Week 21 – Me and My Buddy

We are evolving, one week after the next, in this MKMMA experience.

On the road to self directed practice.

This week has been one of beginning to see, feel and experience that all there really is, is Love/Spirit/God/Divinity, everywhere. There isn’t anything else. We’re it!

I’ve been practicing self love, repeating “I love you” to myself and

“I love you” to every living being.

I’m re-connecting with the Divine Child within, the Divine Being I AM.

We are Buddies now.

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 8.49.06 PM

My counsel is within.

I’m getting a glimpse of how to be alive, on the planet and BeGodMe.

So, the Journey continues with the Breakthrough that I AM Infinite, You are Infinite.

All that is, is God expressing God, through YouMeGod and there is no “not God”.

This week, I’ve been more present in this Living Being Love.

I’ve been having lots more conversations out loud and in silence with my Buddy, asking her to take my hand and show me how to live here.

Rather than asking myself, “What would my future self do next?” I’m asking, “What would the Divine Being I Am do Now?” and I’m checking in with my Buddy for the guidance.

I’ve been God all along. God is expressing through me now. Now, I’m just enjoying the ride and surrendering to God Being Me and asking God to bring it on.

This week I’ve been listening to Matt Kahn on YouTube and it’s been resonant for me. It’s helped take some of our MKMMA practices and language them in a new way.  It’s helped guide me back to Love and to Celebrate all that is, not just the great things, but the stuff that feels like challenge, failure, fear, resistance and acknowledge all that as God expressing God too, rather than me judging myself and feeling like I should be doing something different, better, more, blah, blah, blah, blah.

I’ve feeling a bit like I was in a pressure cooker with all the requirements in the MKMMA, though I see the value and know that the whole is bigger than the sum of it’s parts. There’s a lot to it!

Yet, in a simple way, It Is Simple.

We are God. We are Love.

We are here to be who we are, stripped down to our Essence, and show up.

I’m not exactly sure where this will all lead, but I’m on a path that leads me to a softer, slower, more open and receptive place within myself and is a doorway to courage, love, power and consciousness.

It all begins within, and where it leads is the Great Mystery.

I am going where I’ve never gone before.

Some lessons from Matt Kahn that I’ve appreciated this week,

and one of his videos I listened to…..

“Dare yourself to take the action step or choice you would advise someone else to take to better themselves.”

“What can I do to better myself, become more loving, be softer and play in this life the way it’s never been played before for the well-being of all and the sanity of my own innocent being?”

“What guarantees fulfillment are the most powerful reasons that you associate with a choice. The Universe is what’s in you making these choices.”

“I surrender to the Universe and say “choose as you wish” and I will sit here and come up with the most outrageous and courageous reasons why it’s ok and how it serves the greater interest of all.”

“There is nothing but God. Everything is God. So why is God dressed up as this character making ridiculous choices?”

“Because I believe there is something other than God, and I judge my self as being separate from God, hoping to earn myself back into what I already am.”

“So, if God wants to make outrageous choices, I’m just going to come up with good reasons and watch my life transform within the blink of an eye.”

“I put aside my need to understand. Understanding does not get you where you want to be. Faith does. Through unwavering faith, in my Source, as the truth that I am now, I have only chosen this for the best most profound conscious reason that will transform the entire world as I make this choice.”

“As I make everything a celebration of the Divine’s victory, I see this choice is helping me transcend my own belief in spiritual judgements, I find myself no longer resonant with the things I don’t want to admit, and I find myself resonate with those things that make me proud to be who I am.”

Sharing with you some insights that have helped me along the Journey this week.

Still here. Grateful to be alive. Waking up. Living Love, Smiling and walking hand and hand with my Buddy whose showing me the way Home.

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Week 20 – Life in the Gap

I am grateful to be alive, aware of where I am and knowing there is so much more…..

What about the life of quiet desperation, just on the other side of a Dream, held within, like the flicker of a candle protected gently in dark and lonely hope.

The Dream.

To know that I know that I know that my Dream is actually my Dream for my life and my living.

In the Gap.

And, what is the key that opens the lock to inspired action?

And, how long does it take?

And, If this was my last day, or if I was living it as my last, how would I live it?

I’d go to the woods, to the mountains, to the ocean.

I’d breathe deep. I’d be with the one’s I love.

I’d snuggle up.

I’d look deep in the eyes of those who were with me.

I’d remember my life and smile in gratitude.

What is in that place that holds my soul hostage, where the pressure in my chest builds, the lump in my throat gets bigger, my head feels like it will explode….what is the composite that sticks, wraps itself around my legs, places a hand across my mouth and ties my hands behind my back?

In the darkness, curled in a ball, facing those old dark energies……

fear of judgement, fear of failure, fear that I don’t know it all and that it isn’t perfect, I’m not perfect, and god forbid someone thinks I’m trying to sell them something.

Circuitous thoughts going nowhere, yet reflected in my living.

To be aware. To choose again. To focus anew.

To feed a New Dream

To Think a Different Thought

To Listen Deeply

To take have Courage

To take Inspired Action

To Live Simply

Living like there is no separation between you and me and me and you.

Remembering we all desire a better life, more time for those we love and all that brings us joy.

Remembering, we are all part of this amazing evolution of human consciousness and it’s time to love, to shine, to live like there is no tomorrow.

To Love, with our soft heart, in the truth of our Being, with our soft belly exposed, vulnerable and courageous, taking the next inspired step.

We are the Gift.

Week 18 – The Hero’s Journey Has Begun

The Hero’s Journey has begun.

The Collective Master Mind Consciousness is Alive.

Together, each of us on our Journey, moving through the day with greater awareness from the Persistence of our Practice. There’s a subtle and not so subtle reworking of our subconscious, expressing itself in who we are becoming.  And, our reflection is found in the world we are experiencing and creating through our presence, love, kindness and the knowledge of where Power is truly Sourced.

Returning to Harmony with Universal Mind over and over and over again.

Remembering the control we have of our thoughts, our lives, our reality – my thoughts, my life, my reality.  One focused thought at a time, one after the next after the next and in time, those thoughts really do become reality.

Thoughts become words. Words spoken with emotion and desire have vitality, and repeated over and over again, combined with imagination, concentration and desire begin to open worlds previously hidden.

Confusion and Chaos re-arrange and the old self slowly dies, dissipating, evaporating, and becoming no more.

The change is within. It is subtle at times, yet reveals itself.

To Be comes First.

This week, I’ve been reading the obituaries, the stories, the accounts, the memories, and the memorials of those who have left their physical form. Our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, friends…….we leave our imprint on the world and on the lives of those we touch, not only by what we do or accomplish, but by who we are, how we live, how we love, by our Presence.

This week, I heard the news of the death of a man who has touched the lives of so many. A few weeks back I ran into his wife at the local coffee shop and she shared the story of the recent celebration of their wedding anniversary and a decision to renew their wedding vows. This week, on Monday night, he kissed his wife good night, and soon after had a heart attack and died.

Christopher, may your passing, touch the lives of those who know and love you, as your living touched the lives of so many. May each of us be more awake in each moment, with a kind and loving heart.  May we live fearlessly, love passionately, be true to who we are, acknowledge the gifts that are uniquely ours and live our life in glory.

I bow to you, Christopher. I bow to you.

My son once gave me a Gift and on it said, “To live a Fearless Life, one must Fear Less.”

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 7.36.51 PM

A practice indeed.

What is on the other side of fear? There’s only one way to find out.

Whatever it is, Do it Now.

I’m finding the beginning of the Hero’s Journey in all that I fear, as I see the projections I have created over time that have ridiculously taken hold of the expression of the Truth, the Light, the  Beauty that only I have within me, and only I am here to express.

As I reflect on all I have accomplished in my life and all I Dream for my future, I see more clearly how fear has found a home within dark corners of my soul. My fears, merely my thoughts about what is, have held me hostage from my Self, from even more fully expressing my Greatness, creating my Dreams, Freeing my Soul, Listening to my Heart, Trusting my Inner Guidance and Knowing the Expression of the Infinite I am, for…….

I Am, Nature’s Greatest Miracle.

I am Fearless.

I received this video in the mail this morning about Fearless Living.

The timing was perfect.

And then I listened to this story on Eric Worre’s video about Facing Your Fear.

Again, Perfect Timing.

And, earlier this week, I watched The Hero’s Journey, based on Joseph Campbell’s work.

The timing, Perfect.

So here I am, staying true to the Progression of the Master Key Master Mind Experience, sometimes wavering, though staying steady, believing, trusting, knowing there is a world that awaits me, as I become the person in My Dream.

In my daily Sits, which are becoming longer and more frequent, my first acknowledgement is that I am in harmony with Universal Mind. That is my starting point, and my point of return, over and over again. Each read of my BPB and my DMP and my PPN, each read goes deeper. Each read, I am reading it for the first time, for I have changed.

There’s been a profound and pivotal shift within me today. It is new. I am new.

My Hero’s Journey begins anew, stepping into the Unknown.

I’m picking up the phone, dialing and smiling, turning the Light on, Shining Bright, and the world and the lives of others are Forever Blessed.

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 10.37.55 PM

With Gratitude, on this Blessed Journey of a Lifetime.

Week 17 – It’s In Every One of Us

There is a tipping point that comes with this persistent practice.

There’s a Palpable, Perceivable Shift.

There’s no way to know what will happen or where I’ll end up for there are no reference points in the beginning, just a faint sense that the person staring back from the glass isn’t really me and the knowing that there’s got to be more to life than this.

Those who have gone before point in a direction with their words.

They’ve been where I’ve not yet traveled. I trust them.

It’s always a choice.

To stay or to Begin.

To enter a vast space of pure potential and come to know my self as that.

I have Begun.

There is no familiar anymore, for I have changed.

The person I see in the glass is now more Me.

I bring who I am Now to my Living. My living has changed and so too has the world.

In the stillness, in the silence, there is a growing Presence and Space I sense I am.

The energy of what I Desire is growing stronger as my Ideal is growing clearer.

And, I’m just beginning to come to know the Spirit of Things.

What could be more important than the sit, the stillness, the world within, for all that is manifest, comes from Thought in that Space.

To follow the call to be who we truly are, as we travel the earth during this one life, and do it like it’s never been done before, like no one who has ever lived or ever will live…

Is a True Invitation.

Know one else can walk this walk. Know one else has the compass to guide this life. No one else even has a clue.

The clues lie within, they lie in the desires of one’s heart, in one’s longing, and even more in the quiet voice that says

“I am way more than this, way more, and I know it.”

One the Journey of Living my True Story, an Authentic Life,

Written from the World Within.

Joining the Family of Humanity with Courage to Be All We Can BE!

It’s in every one of us.